Archive: Most Eloquent ‘Slip of the Tongue’ I’ve Ever Heard

So it’s been pathetically long since I last posted FOR REAL. And I don’t mean that weird commercial post. That was a sad attempt to try to get back in the groove of things. Life’s been insane. But what’s even sadder is that I haven’t really seen or heard anything that made life worth pausing. I hadn’t seen anything that got me so excited that I just wanted to tell the world about it right away. Finally, that happened again today.

And lemme tell you, I didn’t realize how excited I was about this until I walked into my Microeconomics class and had my friend Lauren ask me why I was so happy. It made me take a step back and think, “wait, am I unusually happy? Why is that?” It’s just so exciting to finally… be excited about writing again! #medillstudentjoys

So here is what reignited my inspiration. It’s a video called “Slip of the Tongue,” and I found it while procrastinating on midterm studying. My high school amiga Shivani posted it on another friend’s Facebook wall, and I was so impressed with this video. It’s based on a poetry slam poem. If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically competitive poetry, but the poems are generally fast-paced, very “punny,” intriguing, and often deep. They’re not just about the writing, but also about the delivery. I have a friend who is REALLY good at this stuff, and watching her perform is like watching a one-man show. It’s so much more than just rhyming or making metaphors. Here’s an example of my friend’s poetry slam ownage:


The “inspiration” I saw today took the whole poetry slam thing to an extra level: visuals. They took an excellent poem to begin with and made it into a short film. The actors don’t say much. Hell, they don’t even do much, but something about the visuals just helps command your attention.

I think I was further impressed by how low budget the whole thing seems. It was pretty good quality, but in all honesty, I could do this. I could take a camera and go to a bus stop and then a dorm room and shoot this whole thing. Then I could sit down with my laptop and edit it into a movie. The whole ordeal wouldn’t take more than one productive weekend. And that’s inspiring. It’s nice to know that people out there are combining such talented skills and bringing them together into something that brings joy and inspiration to a random journalism student at Northwestern.

I might be exaggerating. Maybe I was just desperate for something to push me back into blog-writing mode. But maybe you’re desperate for some inspiration too, so take a look:

Also, he talks fast. You guys know how I like that. #Eminemobsessed


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