Archive: Fucksaw Repeat?!

At this point, it seems like the whole world has heard about the fucksaw incident at Northwestern in the middle of our winter quarter this year (somehow it even randomly made it out to the Times of India, and a friend of mine was getting calls from relatives about it…), but in case you missed it, this is what happened:

There’s a class called Human Sexuality here, and it sort of talks about all the elements of sex. It’s the birds and bees talk on steroids. They talk about masochism (with videos…eek!), masturbation, the biological side of it all, there are plenty of awkward videos, etc. One day, the professor offered an optional opportunity to the students. Stay an hour after and get a special presentation. Again, it was completely optional.

And that presentation involved a woman sitting in front of the class, and masturbating with a fucksaw.

The media BLEW UP about this. It brought up ethical controversy all over the nation, and eventually the world. The funny thing is, none of the students actually minded. I don’t know anyone here at NU who was remotely disturbed by Professor Bailey’s decision, and I don’t think we should be.

1. It was an optional presentation.
2. Professor Bailey warned that there would be explicit content, and it’s a HUMAN SEX class… What do you expect?
3. The class had seen plenty of erotic videos before… Why is that okay, but in person it isn’t? same concept…
4. The woman undressed in front of the class. There were plenty of opportunities to walk out.

But anyway, I go off on these tangents and then never get back to the point… My point was, that a professor at La Salle University in Philadelphia is now in a similar situation as Professor Bailey.

According to The Daily Beast, “Professor Jack Rappaport—who taught statistics at its business school—has been suspended for allegedly hiring strippers to perform at an extra-credit seminar on “Platonic and Hegelian ethics to business.”

The reports all conflicted. Some students say the strippers were giving lap dances. Others say the strippers were at the class, but didn’t do any suggestive dancing.

Similarity to the NU case:
The relevant class took place on March 21st. Why is this in the news NOW? The same thing happened with NU’s fucksaw case. The presentation was on February 21st (whoa I just realized the weird “exactly a month” thing going on there… That’s strange.), but the media took hold of it about a week and a half later. It almost went completely under the radar and no one would have known or cared. It’s like they ran out of sensational news to write about and dug into the past to find something.

The fucksaw thing happened in a human sex class… It was relevant.
Maybe I just don’t know ANYTHING about business (I don’t know much, but I do know that “Platonic and Hegelian ethics to business” doesn’t seem to have anything to do with sex, strippers, or lap dancing). I’ve tried to google the class and figure out what it’s about and if there’s ANY connection between the two, but all I can find is blog posts and news related to the Rappaport case.

From the way the media is reporting it, it sounds as if the strippers just came in to make the class actually stay awake (apparently, there were only 2 girls in the class). I don’t know if that’s actually the case, or just sensational reporting, but I can’t find anything that says otherwise…

Either way, I thought it was interesting that this happened just a month after the case at NU. How did Rappaport not learn from the hell Bailey had to go through (slash is still going through…)?


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