Archive: Encore, I was on drugs, Relapse, I was flushing ’em out

– from Eminem’s “Talkin’ to Myself” from the album “Recovery”

He’s talking about 2 different albums, I’m talking about two weeks, but my drug is a different sort: a cappella. It’s been two weeks since I wrote a post, and that’s my excuse: a cappella.

See, my a cappella group had a competition last Saturday at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, and for the whole week leading up to the show, we had crazyayyy rehearsals. I mean, they weren’t tortuous or anything, just long. And because the competition was that weekend, I had a LOT of work to finish before we left (essentially it all needed to be done before Friday), but with all the rehearsal we were having, in addition to other clubs kicking off, there was no time to do any of it. Granted, I spent more time than I needed to hanging out with people after rehearsal (my bad…in my defense, the seniors guilted me into it!), but point is, blogging time was minimal

So the week of March 28th to April 2nd was my personal equivalent of “Encore.” Encore, I was on drugs.

April 2nd was the competition itself. It was also the day of the Cricket World Cup final, which India happened to be in. Now, I don’t normally watch cricket. I confess that I didn’t even really get the game until about a month ago, when I started paying attention to what was going on, but once I found out that my dad was actually going to be AT the final (this was before we knew India was in it), I figured it’d be fun to actually understand what was going on.

Someone who was sore about India’s win told me I had no right to be happy because I never watched cricket before. He claims I just jumped on the bandwagon. Maybe I did… I still think I’m allowed to be happy about it.

Anyway, that was a REALLY exciting development. Our team (Brown Sugar) had been rehearsing for the competition that night, and while dancing and singing, a few people were constantly refreshing the score pages on their smart phones. We were in the middle of singing a patriotic song that we were going to sing that night when India won the match. It was epic.

Then, that night we went out and won the competition at night. And so, started my week of “Relapse,” in which I had to get used to NOT spending every second of time with Brown Sugar. Most nights this week, we did SOMETHING as a group… ice cream, baking, movie watching, etc. Relapse, I was flushing ’em out. Not that they’re really flushed out… Brown Sugar’s become more of a way of life at this point. ❤

And that's where the time went.


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