Archive: MOOZ-lum

So, I’m going to see this movie on Friday. It’s an independent film, and the premiere is coming out in Chicago on February 11th, and I’ll be there with a whole bunch of my friends to watch it!

Here’s the trailer from YouTube.

It seems a lot like the Hindi movie, My Name is Khan, in that it’s about the way Muslims are treated in America before and after 9/11, but this one looks artsier and probably more well done. I mean, My Name is Khan was really good, and I love the main actor, Shah Rukh Khan, but like most Hindi movies, it dragged on too long at the end. Although it was very emotional and you really did feel something for the characters, they probably could have cut out like the last half hour, and that would have greatly improved the film.

I hope MOOZ-lum handles the theme better. I have really high hopes for it. I’ll probably write a review after! 🙂


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