Archive: Ok, procrastinators: Ready, Set………..

Yeah, cheesy title, I know. But those “procrastination” jokes always crack me up. One of my friends had a profile picture for the longest time that looked like the picture above. Isn’t that fantastic?

Anyway, I guess it doesn’t give the greatest first impression that my initial post on this blog is dedicated to procrastination. But let’s face it: this blog basically revolves around procrastination. I’ve wanted to start one forever. I never did because of… procrastination. Now I’ve finally done it! Not because I got over my laziness, but because this is a way to avoid doing all the work that’s piling up for this weekend. It’s alright… I’ll get it done eventually. On Sunday night…

It’s a little sad how our college lives revolve around avoiding doing work. Instead of being motivated and jumping into things, we join extra-curriculars to avoid doing homework and studying. Then, we join more activities to avoid the work we’ve accumulated from the first ones. Then we make blogs to avoid those activities. And then we, uh… sleep.

Haha but in all seriousness, I’m really excited about this blog. I guess I never started one before because I didn’t think I was interesting enough… but at 2:45 AM, I, like most people, tend to be delusional, so I’ve decided to just throw myself into this. Besides, as an aspiring journalist, I think it’s a good idea to just put pen to paper once in a while – or fingers to keyboard, I guess.

Oh! So the title… Well my name is Priyanka. Hence, the unorthodox spelling of “preoccupied.” I bothered my friend for an hour today trying to come up with a name. We came up with a few catchy phrases, and some of them will probably appear as different sections of this blog… once I get down to actually organizing. But for now, this is what I’ve got. Pretty fitting that my first post is about procrastination, huh?

The chances of anyone reading this are slim… But I really don’t mind that. It’s going to be therapeutic to just get thoughts out of my cluttered mind.

Maybe this blog will actually help me tackle my procrastination problem!!

But probably not. I’ll deal with that later.

l readers why you started this blog and what you plan to do with it.


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